Discover our philosophy

The fruit market in Poland and worldwide has changed over the years and is still evolving. And just like our fruit, we too have had to mature for many of the decisions we make. We are constantly learning and developing, so in order to meet the expectations of our customers and consumers we have created brands corresponding to their needs and lifestyles.

Explore our brands and discover the philosophy behind each one.

Global reach

Prima Apples is an international brand of selected fruit of very high quality, prepared for long transport. The unique microclimate and soil and climate conditions in our region make our apples taste exceptional and are appreciated by consumers all over the world. From the beginning, we scrupulously monitor the whole process: from production, through harvest and then logistics and transport of fruit to the final destination.
The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction and recognition of the Prima Apples brand associated with high quality. We are proud of our fruits, which are a showcase of Poland and our region in the international arena.

Prima apples

Quality for generations

Our history begins in 1991 in Warka with the family’s passion for fruit farming, which is surely in our blood. Knowledge and commitment in this field are passed down from generation to generation so that together we build the quality of our fruit.

Prima Apples is a brand that stands for the highest quality selected fruit. After 30 years we are with you in many stores and retail chains. Currently, our production is located in the three largest fruit-growing regions: Mazowieckie Province, Lubelskie Province and Świętokrzyskie Province.

jabłka prima

We are ECO

Prima Bio is a brand promoting fruit from Polish organic farming. We realize how important for our customers is food produced in harmony with nature, so we are constantly expanding the area of certified organic cultivation.
Hard work and heart put into cultivation by our producers is a guarantee of high-quality fruit, free from pesticides and artificial fertilizers, produced in harmony with nature.


The most important thing is inside

Once upon a time, a fruit grower’s daughter asked: Daddy, why did you throw this apple under the tree?

Because the fruit has discoloration on the skin and unfortunately we can’t sell it to the customers”, answered the father.

Not thinking much, the daughter took the apple from under the tree and took it home. She washed it, cut it and ate it. Then she said, “Dad, the apple you threw under the tree is just as delicious as the one you put in the box.
It’s not always the case that fruit that looks worse means it tastes different than the perfect fruit.

Good Apple is a brand created for customers who want to consciously choose good and healthy fruit while caring for the environment and not wasting food.
Every year, thousands of tons of apples that are full-value but do not meet stringent quality standards, such as shape or size, end up in the industry and in the trash.

One of our goals is to promote wholesome fruit regardless of its appearance. Knowing that the production of one apple consumes as much as 70 liters of water, we want each fruit to be used properly. We believe that rais

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